I’m a knitter, spinner, and (as of January 2010) weaver who lives in Ontario.  Since 2008 I’ve taught spinning and other fiber arts workshops, mostly in Montreal and Ottawa but I travel to other locations on occasion as well.  I try to work with sustainable materials as much as possible, including a lot of locally grown fleece!



  1. Hi, thanks for posting on my blog. You asked about my yarn bowl. I really like it although it is vulnerable to breaking on that cut out portion that holds the yarn. I had the bowl on the floor and a clip board fell on it and it broke. I used a strong glue and fixed it. Now I put the bowl on the coffee table.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I just came across your blog entry on Sally James Farnham. I administer the website you linked to in the entry. THANK YOU for such a lovely story of your seeking out SJF in her(and my) hometown! I linked to the blog from my SJF Facebook page, I hope that is okay?! It is heartwarming to know that Sally still has a pull after all these years!

    Warm regards,

  3. Not a problem at all to link to the post from your FB page, and glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your kind words as well.

  4. Hey Slipstream,

    I am sorry for getting back to you so late. I am still learning how to do/use the blog system. Anyhoo, my wheel is a Fidelis from Heavenly Handspinning. They can be found at heavenlyhandspinning.com, and Jan, the owner, is awesome! Go on over and take a look at the wheels. Oh, thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is really beautiful!!!!

  5. i’m having a hard time finding spinning classes for the no-experience type in the Caledon, Ontario area. Can you put me on to someone?

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