Posted by: Leslie | September 27, 2010


This is the yarn I was spinning during the Harvest Festival a couple of weekends back. The drop spindle always garners a lot of attention, as people marvel at how I’m able to turn fluffy wool into very fine thread with such a simple device. “It even turns by itself!” said one woman. I’m afraid I had to burst her bubble and say that no, it doesn’t–but the rim-weighted design keeps the momentum going for a long time.

I spun up the last of the fiber and was ready to ply by the end of the day, while my friends and I waited to see if we had won the door prize of baskets of local cheese and wine (unfortunately, we didn’t have the winning tickets). I got distracted for a bit and didn’t really think about the fact that I was Andean-plying the singles back on itself, which would normally be fine except the rest of the fiber had already been chain-plied. Well, damn. I could go through the tricky task of unplying and fishing out one end to start a chain-ply but I think I’ll just keep it as is. Laziness always wins.



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