Posted by: Leslie | September 2, 2007

handspun yarn

Finally, some of my handspun yarn:

This is Blue Faced Leicester wool, spun to a heavy worsted/chunky gauge and dyed with grape kool-aid (I’m planning to sell it, and only the barest scrap of decency is keeping me from naming it ‘Jonestown’). I actually have two skeins of it, the smaller shown here; right now I’m not sure whether to sell it as is or knit it up into a hat or mittens first. I’m getting away from working with dyed fibre as much as possible, but this yarn is incredibly soft and I do like the variation in colour. Some detail:



  1. Gorgeous yarn; it looks very soft. I think it would be great as mittens.

    I found some twelve packs of Kool-Aid at the dollar store one day, so I bought a few for dyeing. The cashier made some weird comments about Kool-Aid and back to school.

    When I got the Kool-Aid home and opened the packages, I found Mexican tamarind and “Jamaica” flavors inside. So, I went back to the store the next day and bought ten more twelve-packs. The cashier made the same odd comments, so I told her I was stocking up for my trip to Jonestown. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the reference went right over her head, but the woman behind me in line laughed.

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