Posted by: Leslie | July 28, 2007

Future plans

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written here. The bout of food poisoning I mentioned in my last entry turned into gastroenteritis, complete with a trip to the ER to get rehydrated, and I’d say that interrupted the blogging roll I was on.

However, I’m back with a mind to get my blog layout finished (starting with a proper header graphic) and update more often. My eventual goal is to start selling some of my handspun/handknit items, preferably with an emphasis on using locally produced, naturally coloured (i.e., undyed) raw materials. I’m a big proponent of the “buy local” mindset and I like buying unprepared fibre to work with, so I can have control over every step of its processing: not only can I create an object with exactly the characteristics I want (such as leaving some of the lanolin in for greater water resistance), but I can avoid the use of a lot of the caustic chemicals used in traditional fibre processing.

Up to this point I’ve always donated or given away my knitwear, and I still plan to do that (even though some people may be getting sick of receiving knitted presents from me!). Selling my work is a new thing for me, though, so I’ve got some research ahead of me. I’m not sure whether I’ll go the online store route, or try to get my stuff stocked in a brick-and-mortar shop. I’m hoping to find some other artists and see what their suggestions are.



  1. That’s a fabulous idea! Would you spin your yarn with a drop spindle? I would love to see some pics of your handspun (hint, hint ; ).

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