Posted by: Leslie | May 26, 2007

Handspun sachet WIP

The sachet WIP:

The one on the left is the actual cotton sachet (filled with lavender and rose petals). I’ve knit the sachet holder (on the right), it just needs to be finished. Ugh I hate seaming so much! I should block it a bit as well, though I don’t think the curling will matter too much; I’ll be threading ribbon through the yarn overs and will be pulling the top tight anyway. I’ll get a picture of my spindle soon and put it up, it’s a Cougar Mountain from Cascade Spindles and I love it. Pricey little thing but well-balanced and lightweight enough to spin this alpaca lace-weight. I spun it worsted so it’s not as soft as it could be, but stronger than a woolen yarn. And I’m still just getting the hang of this stuff anyway!


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