Posted by: Leslie | May 26, 2007

Baby Blanket FO

Pattern: Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket, from Fibertrends.
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, in yellow (a bit more than 6 skeins).
Needles: Size 6 Denise circs.

Notes: I knit this for the recently-born daughter of some friends of mine. It’s not a very practical baby item–the eyelets are the perfect size for catching baby fingers, and the yarn, while machine washable, has to be dried flat. Nevertheless, dang if it isn’t pretty, and I wanted to give the parents (who already have lots of baby stuff from their first child) something a little fancier than your average acrylic garter-stitch square.

The pattern gave two options for borders: a plain garter border and a lacey scalloped edge, and I chose the latter.

I don’t have a blocking board, but went to Target and picked up a foam exercise mat for about US$15. It consists of four interlocking pieces that make a 16-square-foot mat–big enough for most blocking projects. I used T-pins to pin out the scallops on the top and bottom edging, but I also needed something to keep the sides straight. Instead of blocking wires (which I didn’t have), I used .039″ steel music wire. Four 3-foot pieces cost less than a tenth of what blocking wires would have.

On to the pictures:

The finished, but unblocked blanket:

And a detail of the above:

After blocking, look how the lace pops (and a view of the edging):

And all finished, folded and ready to be wrapped and shipped off:



  1. Found your blog while tag surfing- LOVE the blanket!!

  2. It’s so pretty! I’m sure they’ll love it. I think it would make a nice heirloom.

  3. I agree with you that this blanket is simply beautiful. I bought the pattern and can’t wait to start knitting. Are there any errata’s? Thanks for taking time to reply.

    • No errata that I’m aware of (and I didn’t notice any errors in the pattern when I knit it). Blocking those scalloped points takes some patience, but it’s really an uncomplicated pattern. Yields an awfully impressive result though!

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